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Celebrating recent faculty attainment

Celebrating recent faculty attainment

We are excited to congratulate our faculty member for receiving the Teaching Aids Competition Award.

Ting-Ying Yang, an assistant professor of psychology, developed a teaching aid “Top Seller” for the Consumer Behavior course. The format of this teaching aid comes in a form of a board game. The main idea is to introduce three consumer personality traits: visualizers vs verbalizers, need for uniqueness vs need for conformity, price-sensitive vs service-oriented, to the students. The students need to prepare marketing strategies for each customer, and at the same time, by testing the market, revise their original marketing strategies to capture their customers.

Figure: " Top seller".


“It is a fun game to play and at the same time, we learn from playing the game” stated Kuan Hua Chen, a student in the Consumer Behavior class. Prof. Ting-Ying Yang stated: “Students learn about the relationship between consumer personality and marketing strategies from playing this board game. Their feedback I get encourages me to expand the original board game, and even thinking about developing an app game.”

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