Department of Psychology



Features of Teaching



Enhance Theory and Practice

The study fields include counseling, industrial and organization and experiment psychology, by granting access to all the research labs, students are able to apply theory to actual practice.


Curriculum Selections

The curriculum covers all fields of psychology, enabling student's career options on continuing studies or profession career.


Enhanced Co-op Relations

The department of psychology and the Taichung county jail co-operates in fields of psychology. future research and studies has been planted.


Digital Support in Teaching

Digital / remote teaching methods has been applied in the study of psychology, with cutting edge computer hard ware. students can study and discover psychology in a brand new perspective.


Life Education


Besides professional skills and knowledge, life educations and ethics are also been passed on to all students. as well as care to the society. 


Explore Career Options

After graduating from graduate institute, any student who has acquired Master of Science, and has also acquired License in Counseling Psychologist, are qualified to work in fields of all major hospitals, recovery institutes, professional  counseling institutes, industries and corporations as well as Schools and Educational facilities.




















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