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How to Enhance and Develop Empathy by Using Psychodrama (2015.1.17-18)

  • Molly Mo, PAT

Speaker : Liwen Molly Mo, RCC, CP, PAT

Molly has been trained as a therapist using action methods.
is also a psychodramatist, practitioner applied trainer, majored in group therapy and relationship issues.
Her specialties includes parenting issues, working with
depression or anxiety disorder, trauma, abuse, interpersonal, couple, and family relationship.

Time : 2015.01.17-18, 9:00am-12:00pm

Location : I215

Program: 6-hr psychodrama training, including sociometry, role-play techniques to enhance spontaneity, role atoms pie, and role reversal techniques.

Registration: Registration prior to the workshop is required. Please contact Dr. Hung Chiao if you are interested in participating in this workshop.



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