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The Industry-university cooperation between the Department of Psychology, Asia University (AU) and Nan Shan Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (“Nan Shan”) have entered the fourth year. Every year, students are invited to participate in Nan Shan Life’s “The Growth Camp for Future Leadership”, which lasts for 10 days. It includes the leadership of the integrity of training, financial license test, public service, social networking learning, restaurant etiquette, the art of speaking etc.

Students from the Department of Psychology, Asia

University, participated the Nan Shan Life’s “The

Growth Camp for Future Leadership”

Nan Shan holds annual regular the “The Growth Camp for Future Leadership”. It is a large battalion of the whole Taiwan. The Number of participants in each camp is as high as 180 people. This year, Nan Shan ran two camps in July and in August. The location was in the Nan Shan Education and Training center. In the three-day Leadership program, the well-known lecturers gave different topics from the image management to interpersonal communication, to strengthen the external charm of students’ performance. At the same time, the camp also arranged the most popular activity, “bubble football”, to have students experience teamwork.

In addition to the experience of camp activities, the lecturers’ teaching style would be open on the basis of their own learning processes. In the interactive way of class, the lecturers let students present their reflections to enhance and train students’ the guts on the stage. Moreover, the lecturers used the teamwork discussion and combined with the E-generation online courses. Therefore, this kind of teaching style would be a diversity of capacity training rather than the traditional teaching. At the same time, the courses were diverse and exciting. It included visiting the Legislature, real estate lecture, commercial inspection in the discount stores…..

The lecturer

Visiting the Legislature

Miss Lin, the supervisor who just graduated from National Chung Hsing University, worked in the Nan Shan since she was a college student. Till now, she becomes the youngest district manager in the central area. She said: Taiwan is the island, unlike Singapore and Hong Kong have with a multi-cultural impact. Therefore, students must be with international standards, and enhance their international perspectives and compression resistance to prepare for facing the international change in the coming decade. She encourages students actively participate in community and have workplace experience during the school. Understand the trend of pros and cons of all walks of life. From that, students can slowly to accumulate their own contacts and soft power. Moreover, students can understand the future of Taiwan’s workplace trends and become the most anticipated business people cultivation of talent.

In the period of internship, students’ performance is quite well, their learning attitude is positive, and their etiquette is appropriate. All of these are deeply loved by others. Therefore, Nan Shan provides our graduated students opportunities to join their talent training program. Nan Shan also provides three students who are qualified and perform well during in college for 10,000 NT scholarships.


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