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What is multicultural counseling?

What is multicultural counseling?

Counseling and psychotherapy techniques is one of the “hardest” courses in the counseling and clinical psychology track in undergraduate program at AU Psychology Department. Students can learn not only basic interpersonal skill, including observation, listening, and emotional expression, but also multicultural counseling concepts. The class instructor, Dr. Hung Chiao used the flipped classroom design so that students could review the lecture videos before the class and fully participate in experiential activities in class.

Dr. Hung Chiao invited a student to play the imaginary client role and six other students as the counselors. This group role-play format can allow students to practice their interview skills while feeling safe and supported by their peers. 

When discussing the topic of gender issues in counseling, the lecturer assigned students to make collages by gender-related pictures and articles.

Two guest speakers, Master Zhong-Bai and Mr. Wai Cui, shared their faith and religion with the class to enhance students’ understanding of religion and spirituality.

The instructor used out-door experiential activities to help students explores how SES from family of origin impacts their life.

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